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Libyan Ports


Tripoli (Tarabulus) Port

Location: Tripoli (Tarabulus) is situated in W Libya, and is the capital and principal port of the country.
General overview: The harbour covers an area of approx 3.0sq km and is protected by 2 breakwaters, 2,000m and 700m in length respectively.
Traffic figures: Approx 600 vessels visit the port annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.
Max size: Max LOA 173.7m.
ETA's: Vessel's ETA should be sent 12 hours prior to arrival.

Radio: VHF: Ch 06, 10, 12 and 16.

Sea buoys, fairways and channels:

From a position 3256.5'N  01313.5'E, 3.25nm NE of Tarabulus Light the approach channel, 400m in width leads S for 1nm through Caliuscia Bank. The W side of the channel is marked by No 1 light beacon and No 3 lightbuoy; the E side by No 2 and No 4 Light Beacons.

Pilot: Compulsory, pilot boards 1nm NNE of the harbour entrance The pilot boat is a grey launch with a yellow funnel.

The anchorage area for vessels awaiting a berth lies approx 1.5nm N of Tarabulus Light, the holding ground is reported to be good.

Tidal range and flow: Range 0.5m.
Dock density: 1026.

Prevailing winds: N'ly. Mist or haze is common, the latter especially with winds between E and S therefore the coast should be approached with caution.
 Strong NW winds raise a heavy sea in the harbour entrance. The harbour should not be entered in bad weather.

Charts: BA 248, 3353. Admiralty Pilot NP49.
Tugs: There are 17 tugs 500-2,400hp available.
Names/Nos General cargo/Bulk berths:
Quay Length(m) Max draft(m)
No 5  91 3.6
No 5.5 91 3.6
No 6 253 3.9
No 7, 8 and 9 365 6.4-7.0
No 10 137 7.6
No 11, 12 and 13 289 6.7
No 14 167 6.5
Pontoon Berth 61 4.2
No 2, 3 and 4 274 5.8-7.0
No 5 91 5.1
No 8  91 4.1
Container berths: Facilities are available for the handling of container traffic.
Tanker berths: Length 152m; max draft 8.38m.
Offshore Berth: Approx 6nm E of the port. Vessels moor using both anchors and secure to mooring buoys, depth approx 16.0m.
Storage: There is 75,000m2 of warehousing and 75,000m2 of open storage available.
Repairs: Available.
Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Available.
Bunkering: Available alongside.
Medical facilities: Medical facilities are available.


Nearest airport: Tripoli International Airport (32km).
Public holidays: Mar 8, May 25, Jun 11, Jul 23, Sep 1 and Oct 7. Variable dates: El Mouloud El Nabawi, Aid el Fitr, Aid el Adha.
Working hours: Normally 0800-1200hrs and 1300-1700hrs. Overtime 2000-2400hrs and 0100-0700hrs.
Developments: A new outer harbour is to be built, which will provide over 4,000m of quayage, depth alongside 12.0m.
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