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Rules of Ships
Move & Berth

The Special Procedures  for the Ships 
Arrival & Departure

Rules of  Ships Move & Berth

  • The master must be on the bridge while arrival & sailing operation , and also during as shift in the port , the master must follow all local and international laws.
  • If there is no emergency, or patient in dangerous status
  • The priority of port enter must be given up to the first, second, ...etc, of the arrived ships to anchorage, the priority should be give to the ships up to there types as following:
  1. Passengers vessels
  2. Animal carriers
  3. Organized line's vessel
  4. General cargo vessels
  5. Motor tankers
  • Priority of berthing should be up to the first ship entered, then the second.... & So on, and if the ship was not ready for working or was under the quarantine instructions the priority should be given to the next ship.
  • The port management should specify the quay no for the ship , also she has right to shift it from one quay to an other up to work benefits , no ship can berth or drop anchor only after port management instructions
  • If any ship arrived the port, and no quay specialized, then she must drop at anchor far from entrance channel, and must not move without port management instructions.
  • No ship can move from it's quay to another without port management instructions, but the master will be responsible of suitability of ship berthing place. 
  • If the port management order to shift the ship from a place to another, and there were no enough crew to do that or the ship was disable to achieve that shift, the ship then can ask for help from port management or from another authority to do the shift in the exact time, this will be on ship account and responsible.

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