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Libyan Ports


Rasco Port

Location: Rasco Harbour is situated 600km E of Tripoli.
General overview: Rasco Harbour is protected from the N by Main breakwater and from the E by Lee breakwater.
Load Line zone: Summer.
ETA's: Send ETA 72, 24 and 12 hours prior to arrival through Benghazi of Tripoli radio. Confirm ETA 1 hour prior to arrival. Any amendments of more than 1 hour should be notified. The 72 hour message should include last port of call, any sickness onboard and if the vessel has a clean bill of health. The 12 hour message should include expected deballasting time.

Radio: VHF: Rasco Port control monitors Ch 10, 12, 16 and 22. Pilot vessel monitors Ch 12.

Sea buoys, fairways and channels:

Positions are taken from the head of Main breakwater (3030.6'N  01835.7'E).
 From the seaward end of the entrance channel, marked by a lightbuoy (safe water, spherical) (1.75nm ENE), the fairway leads WSW and WNW passing:
 NNE of a lightbuoy (port hand, 0.6nm SE). A wave recorder buoy, lies 0.5nm SE of the lightbuoy. Then:
 SSW of a lightbuoy (starboard hand, 0.2nm ESE); then:
 Between the heads of the breakwaters.
 The alignment (287.5) of Ras Lanuf leading lights leads through the centre of the harbour entrance:
Front light: White triangle point up, black stripe, on a framework tower) (3030.9'N  01834.3'E).
 Rear light: White triangle point down, black stripe, on framework tower) (220m from the front light).

Pilot: Pilot boards near the Fairway lightbuoy (3030.8N  01837.7'E) or in the anchorage close N.
Charts: Admiralty Pilot NP49
 Names/Nos: The following piers each have 2 berths Also there is a quay wharf of 67m dredged to 11.0m, max permitted draft 9.5m.
Berth No  Length(m)  Depth(m) Max dwt
1 250 14.0 50,000
2 189 12.5 30,000
3 189 11.5 30,000
Quay  177 11.0 20,000
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