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The special procedures  for the ships  arrival & departure

Rules of Ships 
move & berth 

The Special Procedures For Ships Arrival & Departure

  • Ships must appoint a local shipping agent before the arrival to the Libyan ports
  • The owner or the agent of ship that shall call Libyan ports must submit the following details to the port management and that should be before minimum 24 hrs of ETA

  1. Ship Name, Type and Flag
  2. Name Of Owner's ,Master, Agent and Port Of Register
  3. NRT, GRT and DWT
  4. Length, Draft and Depth
  5. E.T.A date and hour period of stay at the port
  6. Quantity & quality of cargo to be discharging at this port & the cargo will be loaded
  7. Liquids and dangerous cargo, quantity, packing, and port of loading
  8. Nr of passengers, crew, health

This report considered as a request of a quay for the ship to achieve loading or discharging operations.

  • The ship must have the following documents:

  1. Certificate of register & DWT
  2. Load line certificate
  3. Shipping international certificate
  4. Passengers transport certificate
  5. Spirits saving international certificate
  6. Radio & telex safety certificate
  7. Crew list including nationalities
  8. Passengers signed off / on
  9. Cargo manifest
  • Each ship must contact the ports control before the arrival at the Libyan territorial waters via (16 VHF CH)
  • Each coming ship before the arrival at the anchorage must appear the following signs:

  1. Call sign
  2. Quarantine sign
  3. Ship's flag in the rear
  4. Libyan flag in the front
  5. Red flag in the day & clear red light at night, if the vessel has explosions and friable materials
  6. Sign of pilot request
  • Each coming ship must not come nearer to the entrance channel only after pilot rides on.
  • If the master suspected of existence of any infection disease on board or if the ship came from pandemic port , immediately the master must inform the quarantine or port authority after the arrival .
  • During the ship sailing operation it must raise the international sign on the front mast as a sailing sign.
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