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Libyan Ports


Qasr Ahmed (Misurata Port)

Location: Qasr Ahmed (Misurata Port) is situated approx 250km E of Tripoli.
General overview: Qasr Ahmed is a commercial port serving the town of Misratah and the industrial area close S which includes a steelworks and a power station. It has facilities for handling dry bulk, petroleum, Ro-Ro, container and general cargoes.
The main cargoes handled include iron ore, grain, construction materials, livestock, machinery and petroleum products.
All berths are well fendered with adequate mooring facilities
Traffic figures: Approx 200 vessels visit the port annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.
Max size: Tankers up to 30,000dwt and 11m draft can be accommodated.
ETA's: Vessels should send ETA 12 hours prior to arrival.
Communications: VHF: "Tarabulus Radio" callsign "5AT" on Ch 16.
Sea buoys, fairways and channels:

The main harbour is formed by two breakwaters enclosing the harbour area. The N breakwater extends 0.7nm E from ras al Barq and the broad E breakwater extends 1nm N from the shore. The entrance is approx 180m wide.
 From a position about 1nm E of the entrance the alignment of the leading lights 270 (Front light; white triangle point up, red band) (3222.3'N  01512.7'E), (Rear light; white triangle point down, red band, 500m from front light) leads into the harbour through the centre of the channel.

Pilot: Compulsory, the pilot boarding position is approx 1nm off the harbour entrance. Pilots are available from 0800-2000hrs, except on Fri. The pilot boat is grey with white upperworks.
Anchorages:   The anchorage area for vessels awaiting a berth is within 1.5nm of 3223'N  01518'E, approx 5nm ENE of Ras al Barq Light in charted depths of 25-37m. The holding ground is poor and it is therefore advisable to leave the anchorage at the first sign of the approach of bad weather.
Tidal range and flow: Range 0.5m.
Dock density: 1026.
Weather: Prevailing winds: N'ly.
Charts: BA 3353. Admiralty Pilot NP49.
Tugs: There are 3 tugs up to 2,400hp available.
Names/Nos: General cargo/Bulk berths: There are 5 berths available, each 180m in length with 11.0m depth alongside. One berth is used for grain cargoes, the remainder being used for general cargoes.
Ro-Ro berths: There is 1 berth in the S port area used for Ro-Ro traffic. The berth is 200m in length, with a depth alongside of 11.0m.


There is a tanker berth in the NW corner of the harbour with a depth of 12m alongside.

Storage: There is 22,500m2 of covered storage and 46,000m2 of open storage area available. The grain berth is provided with a silo.
Repairs: Minor repairs may be undertaken.
Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Available.
Medical facilities: Medical facilities are available.


Nearest airport: Tripoli International Airport (250km).
Public holidays: Mar 8, May 25, Jun 11, Jul 23, Sep 1 and Oct 7. Variable dates: El Mouled el Nabawi, Aid el Fitr, Aid el Adha & Higri New Year. Fri is a weekly port holiday.
Working hours: Normally 0800-1200hrs and 1300-1700hrs. Overtime 2000-2400hrs and 0100-0700hrs.
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